Mansions of the Future is a dynamic project, bringing together artists and communities to share culture in and of Lincoln. With a multifunctional public space developed by Inaugural Artist Kathrin Böhm at its nerve centre, the three-year programme supports ambitious interdisciplinary artistic commissions, working with renowned national and international artists from inception to delivery.

Working with the citizens of Lincoln, our programme explores themes of power and democracy - adopting a radical approach which privileges inherently social, site-specific, and collaborative ways of working. 

In collaboration with the Lincoln Cultural and Arts Partnership, Mansions of the Future is supported by Arts Council England’s Ambition for Excellence fund and partners across the region.

Mansions of the Future aims to inspire a new model of excellence, combining exemplary practice in socially engaged art with the development of extraordinary relationships and partnerships across the region and beyond. We believe in the potential of art and culture to support collaboration, cultural change and empowerment, creating art that is generous and generative.

Mansions of the Future was conceived, developed and launched by curatorial and communications agency Thirteen Ways with the support of Lincoln Lincoln Cultural and Arts Partnership. 

Mansions of the Future has also been made possible with the generous support of a range of community partners and donors, including the University of Lincoln, Lincoln BIG, Lincoln Cathedral, City of Lincoln Council and Bishops Grosseteste University.