Mansions of the Future is a three-year programme of artist commissions exploring power and democracy in Lincoln. It is a new model of creating shared culture in a city which combines socially engaged art with the development of an extraordinary partnership of agencies and organisations. The programme is based at Mansions of the Future, 15 St Mary's Street, Lincoln.

The title Mansions of the Future was inspired by The Difference, a 2015 project in Lincoln by artist Ruth Ewan curated by Gymnasium Projects. Taking its cue from Lincoln’s historic connections with the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest and working with The Meadows Primary School young people articulated their own demands of their world. Through collaborative writing & drawing exercises they imagined places they want to see & laws they want to live by. In thinking about an ideal place one young person proposed that “We will share the mansions of the future".

Thirteen Ways is delivering Mansions of the Future in collaboration with the Lincoln Cultural and Arts Partnership. Thirteen Ways is a creative agency, based in Lincoln and London, that believes in the value of culture to enhance public and private lives. Expertise in creativity, design, audience development and digital culture is crucial to our projects. We bring together the local and the international, to develop programmes and strategies which shift perceptions of place, develop cultural infrastructure and offer meaningful art experiences in our everyday lives.

Our art is generous and generative.