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Remain by Hoda Afshar
24 April – Saturday 1 June 2019

In 2017 Artist Hoda Afshar visited Manus Island & used photography & film to document the lives of detained refugees. Works include a portrait of Behrouz Boochani, a Kurdish writer & activist who has been detained on Manus Island since 2013. 

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Now it is Permitted
by Bridget Smith

Bridget Smith has installed visionary statements from artists, writers & filmmakers in Lincoln’s public realm. These ‘wayside pulpits’ offer ways of thinking about how to live in uncertain times. Artist involved includeBob & Roberta Smith, Rae Earl & Ali Smith.

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Communal Lunch: Waste
Tuesday 7 May

A discussion around waste, questioning what is global and local waste & how can artists & institutions help increase awareness. Part of University of Lincoln’s Cultures & Atmospheres module & our Communal Lunches programme.

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There’s No Place Like Home
Remain: Film Screening 
Thursday 25 April

A short film made by Hoda Afshar when she visited Manus Island to document the lives of refugees. Part of Film Club: Freedom, Remain will be introduced by There’s No Place Like Home lead, Prof. Stephanie Hemelryk Donald.  

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There’s No Place Like Home: Workshops
Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 April

Workshops led by practitioners, including photographer Hoda Afshar & poet Daniele Pantano, will connect emergent performers, writers & artists to the ideas explored in Afshar & Boochani’s work & supporting texts by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald. 

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There’s No Place Like Home 
Behrouz Boochani: Talk
Wednesday 24 April

Behrouz Boochani is a Kurdish Iranian writer who sought refuge in Australia but was instead sent to the country’s notorious offshore detention centre. Behrouz will speak live from Manus Island.

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Effy Harle: Growing Sideways
Wednesday 10 April

Effy Harle will speak about art practices that stay ‘underground’. Is it possible to develop meaningful art while nurturing the relationships that operate contemporary art institutions?

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 Ruth Beale: Doing Things Together 
Wednesday 27 March

Ruth Beale will speak about her artwork & ongoing commission at Mansions of the Future. Framed by the idea of ‘Doing Things Together’, she will talk about her collaborative art practice.

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 Island: Screening
Thursday 23 May

Island is a life-affirming reflection on the phenomena of dying, portraying the transition away from personhood & observing the last days & hours of life & the moment of death. Part of Film Club: Freedom.

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Arts Council Funding Advice Surgery
Wednesday 15 May

Arts Council Relationships Manager Daniel Whitehouse will give an overview of Arts Council England’s Project Grants, providing helpful information for artists, art organisations & other people who use the arts in their work.

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Breaking Walls
Tuesday 30 April

Breaking Walls is a unique musical showcase that will take audiences on an immersive journey exploring connections between isolation & community.  Made in response to Mansions of the Future, examining power, peace & community. 

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There’s No Place Like Home
Omid Tofighian: Talk
Thursday 25 April 2019

 Omid Tofighian is a lecturer, researcher and community advocate, combining philosophy with interests in citizen media, rhetoric, religion, transnationalism, displacement & discrimination. Translator of Boochani's memoir. 

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There’s No Place Like Home: Dislocation
Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 April

A new composition by Simon Le Boggit will be performed in the space, created in response to Boochani’s work & texts including There’s No Place Like Home: The Migrant Child in World Cinema (2018) by Stephanie Hemelryk Donald.

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There’s No Place Like Home: 
Justice, Migration & the Arts
Wednesday 24 – Friday 26 April

A three-day event addressing the relationship between migration, detention & the arts. The event will include an exhibition, a series of workshops, talks, screenings, readings & a symposium. 

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All the Banners (Silent) by Ruth Beale
20 February - 30 March 

Artist Ruth Beale is exhibiting a series of protest banners inspired by real banners from protests & rallies including Justice for Grenfell, Suffragette marches & the pit closures. 

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Writing workshop: Dystopian Worldbuilding
Saturday 16 March

A writing workshop with dystopian horror author Angeline Trevena. What would your dystopian land of the ‘unfree’ look like? Part of Freedom: Public Conversations by Ruth Beale.

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Detention, Activism & Art
Tuesday 21 May

A panel discussion round the growing practice of detention worldwide & the impact on civil liberties, social cohesion, & human rights. Taking place in the context of photos exploring ways in which refugees & asylum seekers experience indefinite detention.

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Cultures & Atmospheres
Monday 6 & Tuesday 7 May

Join us for a series of seminars & discussions. BA Fine Art students at the University of Lincoln study a module that aims to support their development as producers of public knowledge, making vital connections between theorists, ideas & practices.

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Ruth Charnock: Writing & …
19 & 28 March, 4, 11, 18 & 26 April

In this six-week creative writing course from writer, academic & Associate Artist Dr Ruth Charnock you will explore writing and creativity more broadly. Each week, we’ll think about writing in combination with another art-form & / or idea.

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There’s No Place Like Home
Hoda Afshar: Talk
Wednesday 24 April

Photographer Hoda Afshar considers gender, marginality & displacement. In 2017 she visited Manus Island & worked closely with detainees. Part of Wednesday Sessions, a 6-month programme of talks by Mansions of the Future. 

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There’s No Place Like Home: Readings
Wednesday 24 & Thursday 25 April

Actors & performers will read from Behrouz Boochani’s Manus Island memoir, No Friend But the Mountains (2018). Boochani is a Kurdish Iranian writer who sought refuge in Australia but was sent to the country’s notorious detention centre. 

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Communal Lunch
Prison Playwriting
Thursday 18 April

An opportunity to discuss Lyndsey Milne’s ‘What If We Choose’ pilot playwriting project based in HMP Lincoln. Our 2019 Communal Lunches will explore wellbeing, including mental health & mindfulness.

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Migration, Brexit & Freedom of Movement
Saturday 30 March

We will discuss ideas around migration, Brexit & freedom of movement, & how these impact on people’s lives. Part of Freedom: Public Conversations, organised by Ruth Beale.


Collaborative Conversations
Tuesdays from 29 January - 20 March

Join us for a free conversation exploring philosophical ideas that touch our everyday lives. Workshops delivered by Ayisha De Lanerolle, our Director of Fundamental Questions.

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 The Rape of Recy Taylor (15)
Thursday 14 March

Recy Taylor, a 24-year-old black mother & sharecropper, was gang raped by six white boys in 1944 Alabama. Recy Taylor bravely identified her rapists. Part of the Born A Rebel season.

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Talk & discussion: PRIZZZON
Thursday 28 February

Artist, activist & instagrammer Lisa Selby/bluebaglife in conversation with author & activist Carl Cattermole. Talking from experience about the UK Prison System.

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Worm: The Colonial History of Climate Change
Wednesday 20 February

Worm is an online platform that gathers a network of creative perspectives on ecological issues. Founder Angela Chan will map the colonial history of global climate change.




Wild City by Liz Davis
Friday 16 November – Thursday 13 December

Wild City explores the wild world we share. Artist Liz Davis’ study of plants that thrive at the margins charts changes in flora & demonstrates an artist’s skill of close looking. Her pressings are exquisite.


Phytology with Michael Smythe
Wednesday 28 November

Michael is head of production at The Phytology medicinal garden; an artist led project exploring the ideas of use of urban landscapes. Michael’s talk will focus on Artists, Wildness & Urban Ecosystems.


Herbal Drink Making
Friday 23 November

Join us to make our own herbal creation. During this workshop, you will learn all the steps in in making your own homemade cordials using a range of different flavours.


Kids Club: Wild Flora Crown Making 
Saturday 17 November

A fun and floral morning creating your own special flora crowns, inspired by our exhibition, Wild City. Join us every Saturday for a different free family workshop. 


Kids Club: Autumnal Tote Bag Printing
Saturday 1 December, 10am – 12 noon

We will be using Autumnal plants and leaves of all different shapes and sizes to make some colourful prints onto fabric & create your own tote bag to take home. 


Medical Herbalism with Hannah Sylvester  
Tuesday 27 November

Hannah Sylvester, medical herbalist and lecturer, will be speaking about the Nine Herb Charm, a herbal remedy from the 10th century, that was used to treat infection and poisoning.


Botanical Illustration with Sally Strawson
Wednesday 21 November

Sally Strawson is a Botanical Watercolour Artist living in North Lincolnshire. Join Sally to learn about her practice & create your own botanical watercolour paintings.


Workshop: Flower Pressing 
Friday 16 November

Be inspired by the Wild City exhibition and learn the beautiful art of flower pressing. Work with fresh flowers to discover different methods for pressing & reserving flowers.  


Wild Lincoln with Siân Wright
Friday 30 November, 1pm – 4pm

Photography & Lumen Printing Workshop with Siân Wright. Learn and improve your photography techniques whilst exploring Lincoln’s wild urban & rural landscapes.


Kids Club: Where Would You Bury Your Treasure
Saturday 24 November

Map out your local neighbourhood, survey the land and create your own secret treasure map where no one else can find your hidden trinkets. Inspired by Wild City.


Seed Sovereignty & Diversity with Neil Munro
Tuesday 20 November

Neil is Programme Manager for Seed Sovereignty of UK & Ireland. Looking at reviving & protecting cultural & biological diversity in order to restore resilience for ecosystems & local communities.


Communal Lunch: Herb Charms
Thursday 15 November

Communal Lunches are part of Inaugural Artist Kathrin Böhm's Culture is a Verb commission. Each lunch has a different theme & uses food as a common denominator to connect everyone.


Funding Application Workshop
Friday 9 November

Daniel Whitehouse will give an overview of  Arts Council England’s funding ecology providing helpful information about its grant programme for artists & organisations.


Lincoln Community Harvest Day
Saturday 20 October

Mansions of the Future is collaborating with  Lincoln community groups to prepare & activate a very different local harvest. A celebration of the collected goods that others have left behind.


Deeds and Words
29 September 2018

Enquire, discuss & share your thoughts on women’s suffrage, rights and democracy through philosophical conversation . Inspired by the women’s steering group for Lincoln’s Vote One Hundred project.


Friday 9 November

Asunder is a film by Esther Johnson & narrated by Kate Adie and Alun Armstrong. It tells the story of a quintessential British town during WWI, with its men fighting & women & children left behind.


Make Like a Poet: Screening & Poetry Sharing
Friday 5 October

We will be showing works by leading artists Anthony Burrill, Laure Prouvost, Bridget Smith & Kathleen Herbert who have worked with renowned poets & famous voices to make digital art works. 


Beginning to Write, Writing Beginnings
Friday 28 September

For Lincoln Book Festival 2018, we will consider beginnings. How do we start to write? & how might writing start? Through a variety of creative, exploratory and inclusive exercises we'll tackle both poetry & prose and everything in between. 


Handmade in Hull
Saturday 27 October

Handmade in Hull is a BBC Four documentary that celebrates the craft heritage of the city of Hull. Inspired by the work of artist Linda Brothwell & her exhibition The Tool Appreciation Society.


Communal Lunch: Cooperatives
Thursday 18 October

Communal Lunches are part of Inaugural Artist Kathrin Böhm's Culture is a Verb commission. Each monthly lunch has a different theme & uses food as the perfect common denominator.


Communal Lunch - Schools: Culture is a Verb
Thursday 20 September

Communal Lunches are part of Inaugural Artist Kathrin Böhm's Culture is a Verb commission. Each monthly lunch has a different theme & uses food as the perfect common denominator. Led by Jason O’Rourke, head of Washingborough Academy.


Performance & Conflict
21 – 22 September 2018

A two-day conference on the use of participatory art forms in conflict / post conflict settings to explore how participatory arts practices might be used to explore the nuanced forms of storytelling / performance. Curated by Dr Ananda Breed.


Lincoln Community Harvest: Litter Pick
Saturday 15 September

Joining the Sincil Bank Lincoln Rivercare & Litter Pick team for their next two litter pick events to clear & gather discarded objects. Finds will be cleaned & displayed at Mansions of the Future during out Lincoln Community Harvest Day.

DIY Summer School: Culture is a Verb
Tuesday 28 August – Saturday 1 September 

A residency exploring self-publishing, self-organising, creative building takeovers & DIY technology. Tutors include regeneration agency Spacemakers, self-publishers OOMK, social enterprise Studio Polpo, & General Practice. 


Saturday 18 August

To coincide with our environmental art workshop day in partnership with Doddington Hall we are screening ALBATROSS, a compelling visual journey into a gut-wrenching tragedy.


Communal Lunch - 3 Courses, 3 Pounds
Thursday 16 August

For the second community lunch Mint Lane Cafe will lead an open discussion around social eating and how to create healthy & affordable meals, while demonstrating how to make one simple dish.


Lincoln Community Harvest: Processing
Thursday 9 August

Join us in St Peter at Gowts Church Hall to take a look at the some of the finds discovered by Banks Newton, volunteers and eager members of the public during the #WigfordBigDig. 


Approaching Affective Zero 1.
Thursday 2 August

General Practice meet bi-monthly to discuss & debate ideas for a public presentation, which takes place every other month at Mansions of the Future. Outcomes & topics vary. 


Lincoln Community Harvest: Picking & Digging
Wednesday 1 August

Join us in St Peter at Gowts Church garden to pick sprigs of rosemary to make rosemary cordial – it’s really easy to do! You will also have the fabulous opportunity to help with the #WigfordBigDig.


DIY Furniture Workshop: Culture is a Verb
Friday 20 July 

Artist DJ Simpson will be leading a free DIY furniture making workshop. Join us to learn new skills & chairs for Mansions of the Future, following the design of Enzo Mari.


Buildings for Radical Culture: Culture is a Verb
Saturday 14 July

Join us to celebrate Artist Kathrin Böhm’s architectural commission Culture is a Verb. Inaugural artworks for Mansions of the Future, a radical new cultural programme & experimental space for everyday culture.

Communal Lunch - Growing: Culture is a Verb
Thursday 28 June

For our first Community Lunch we are inviting Lincoln residents who are actively involved in growing & thinking food. Guests include, to therapeutic growers, no-food-waste initiatives & rethinking food systems.


Community Haystacks: Culture is a Verb
Saturday 7 July

Community Haystacks is a celebration of ancient common land in Lincoln bringing together residents to recreate the pre-mechanical hay harvest & revive traditions of scything & commoning.


The Lincolnshire Show: Drinks Lab
Wednesday 20 – Thursday 21 June

The Lincolnshire Show is a celebration of all things Lincolnshire. Collaborating with Lincolnshire Life, we are hosting a drinks lab where you can guess the cordial flavour, enter our competition & hear more about Mansions of the Future. 


Community Open Day: Culture is a Verb
Friday 1 – Saturday 2 June

We would love to meet you, your community & organisation. So, why not pop in to say hello & have a look around the building on our special community open days. Join us and Kathrin Böhm in making Elderflower cordial, DIY furniture & posters.


DIY Furniture Workshop: Culture is a Verb
Saturday 2 June

Artist DJ Simpson will be leading a free DIY furniture making workshop. Join us to learn new skills & make a chairs for Mansions of the Future, following the design of Enzo Mari an Italian modernist artist & furniture designer.


Call for Applicants
Artists & Creative Associates

Applications are invited from Lincolnshire-based artists, creatives & cultural groups for four Associates for 12-months. Successful applicants will be awarded free studio space in the Mansion of the Future for 12-months.


Medusa's Ankles by Bonnie Wright
Thursday 24 –  Saturday  26 May

Inspired by a story by Prize winning author A.S Byatt, Medusa’s Ankles points out the differences in the way we view ourselves & are viewed by others.
This is an opportunity to see the film screened in a salon, whilst hair is washed, cut & dyed around you.