The free, monthly Communal Lunches programme invites artists, local community groups, writers, academics and creative practitioners to bring people together, create new networks and inspire new thinking and debate, through the universal gesture of conversation over a shared meal.

Communal Lunches formed part of Inaugural Artist Kathrin Böhm's Culture is a Verb commission for Mansions of the Future, with a pilot season focusing on rural practices, discursive sessions, co-learning and co-making. Communal Lunches brought together Kathrin’s interests in connecting and creating economies of localism, food production, co-working and sharing, themes also explored in Company Drinks, an ongoing artwork in the shape of a community drinks enterprise run by Kathrin, Cam Jarvis, Pip Field, Oribi Davies and Tracky Crombie.

As an essential and ongoing legacy for Kathrin’s Culture is a Verb commission, Mansions of the Future is continuing to deliver and develop the Communal Lunches programme. Throughout 2019 and in to 2020, Mansions of the Future will engage regional and national artists and collectives exploring ecologies, politics, ritual, wellbeing, culture and place making by connecting the sensory with materiality and considering relationships between individual experience and shared actions or environments.

All of our Communal Lunches are free to attend.

Upcoming Events
Booking required

#Equality, Disability & Diversity: Volunteer Masterclass
Thursday 17 October, 12 noon - 2pm

Join Jo Tolley, a public speaker & activist to discuss Equality, Disability & Diversity. Jo believes that being in a wheelchair does not define her & feels that education, integration & disability rights are at the forefront of provoking positive change. Part of our Volunteer Masterclass Programme, therefore MotF volunteers will be given priority.

#Communal Lunch & Mapping Workshop with ON/OFF
Tuesday 5 November 12.30 - 2.30pm
Ermine United Reformed Church
43 Riseholme Rd, Lincoln LN1 3SN

Over the course of eating lunch together and getting to know the group ON/OFF will host a map-making workshop with residents of Lincoln’s Ermine Estate. Providing materials and a structure, through a series of open questions, we will co-create experiential maps which aim at communicating experiences of living in and using the Ermine Estate.

ON/OFF have been commissioned by Mansions of the Future to contribute to the first season of activity in our final year titled Urban Form: Social Architecture, Class and the Commons (Nov 2019 – March 2020).

#Communal Christmas Lunch
Thursday 19 December, 12 noon - 2pm

December's Communal Lunch will be an opportunity to celebrate some of the amazing activities that have taken place at Mansions of the Future, supporting collaboration, cultural change and empowerment. Please join us and our collaborators for a Christmas celebration. All welcome!

We invite you to bring a dish of your making or choosing to contribute to our festive buffet.

During the event the Mansions of the Future team will share some highlights from 2019 and an update on what is to come during our legacy year (Nov 2019 - Oct 2020).

2019 Archive

#Shabnam Shabazi 
Thursday 5 September

Shabnam Shabazi has a solo & collaborative practice. Blurring art forms & taking a non - hierarchical person/artist centred approach are vital to her practice.  Her diverse output of work includes: performance, object, video & sound.Memories, rituals, journeys, the spaces ‘in between’ art forms & cultures animate her practice.  

#Desire Lines: Cooperative Cooking with Alicja Rogalska
Tuesday 27 August

Recognising food preparation as an ideal methodology for bringing people together and honing collaboration, Alicja Rogalska invites you to join her in preparing, cooking and enjoying a shared meal. Over lunch the artist will be discussing diversity, dilemmas, compromise and resourcefulness.

Part Desire Lines, taking as its starting point the rich heritage of the co-operative movement in Lincoln.

#Rachel Pimm
Thursday 15 August

A communal lunch exploring geophagy; a widespread but understudied & culturally misunderstood practice of consuming rocks, salts & soils - by humans & animal alike. Rachel makes work around transforming ecologies & ecosystems & their politics & materialities.

Ngou Lekka with SheAfriq
Thursday 25 July

SHEAfriq are a collective of Nottingham-based female artists & creatives of African heritage. Join Aicha Daffe & Saziso Phiri for Ngou Lekka – a special lunch in which they discuss how they turned their marginal experiences into a platform that celebrates black female creatives. Part of our monthly Communal Lunches programme.

How to arrange ourselves with Alice Gale-Feeny
Thursday 27 June

Artist Alice Gale-Feeny is interested in dialogical ways of working & the role of the voice, she examines embodied knowledge & subjectivity to question how this informs shared space.  

Alice will share a new piece of writing that guides participants through an instructional score. 

Waste with University of Lincoln Fine Art BA
Tuesday 7 May

Students from the University of Lincoln Fine Art course will host Waste. Together we’ll discuss issues around waste, questioning what is global and local waste & how can artists & institutions help increase public awareness. Part of Cultures & Atmospheres.

Prison Playwriting Lyndsey Milne
Thursday 18 April

An opportunity to share & discuss Lyndsey Milne’s ‘What If We Choose’ pilot playwriting project based in HMP Lincoln with a group of four prisoners, using drama & creative writing to consider their past behaviours & explore accountability & the future.

Migration, Brexit & freedom of movement with Ruth Beale
Saturday 30 March

We will discuss ideas around migration, Brexit and freedom of movement, and how these impact on people’s lives. The lunch will be a selection of polish delicacies including beetroot soup, potato pancakes and cabbage (with and without meat).

This talk is part of Freedom: Public Conversations a programme of events & discussions organised by Ruth Beale, exploring ideas around freedom.