Culture is a Verb

Our inaugural artist Kathrin Böhm has collaboratively developed a concept and design for the ground floor of our building. Her work Culture is a Verb equips the building for a public discussion about local culture through action. A civic place that evolves over time and through usage, where everyday culture, local history and contemporary art meet and merge. Böhm’s design proposes different functions for each room, to find out, mix and publish what’s happening culturally in Lincoln and nearby. Like a newspaper, the building remains the same structure, but the content changes.

Böhm’s public programme includes formal and informal elements, rural practices, discursive sessions and co-learning and co-making. Details can be found on our What's on page.

Culture is a Verb is about everyday culture and connecting it with cultural practitioners from elsewhere. Our building will be shaped by those who use it over the next three years. Whether it’s a continuation of a tradition, the introduction of something new from elsewhere, part of the everyday or produced by cultural professionals, familiar or unfamiliar, political or poetic, common or communal everyone involved in making culture in and around Lincoln is invited to take part. There is only one condition: to recognize that culture is taking place everywhere and that we are all involved.