#2 Lincoln Creates Network with Matilda Moors

Lincoln Creates Network

The Lincoln Creates Network (LCN) brings together and celebrates the breadth of critical and applied creative practices in Lincolnshire. The Lincoln Creates Network + Artist Talk series, is designed to support local creative professional development, peer learning and networking as well as critical conversation and debate. The programme creates space for local artists and creative practitioners to share opportunities, creative expertise and developments within their own work, as well as hear from nationally and internationally established artists who have been welcomed to the city.

Matilda Moors

Matilda Moors’ practice is interdisciplinary and takes its form through an ongoing enquiry into ideas of consumption, identity and bodies. This is a practice that is in knowing dialogue with the legacies of many radical women practices (Kruger, Kelly, Rosler etc.) Conceptual Art and Pop Art. Matilda frequently mines visual languages associated with youth and teenage culture, this favours the decorative – with a skewed-cartoonesque-cuteness, a homespun crafting, and an honest directness through text. The artworks power often resides in lacking the usual cultural signifies of seriousness, intellect and rigor. Her practice intelligently argues for the pleasures, emotional content and societal observation that can tell important contemporary stories. This is a practice that considers the individual and their feelings in the chaos, complexities and anxieties of late capitalist culture.

She has exhibited through out the UK at galleries including The Horse Hospital, Five Years Gallery, The Royal Standard, Supercollider and Strange Cargo, as well as abroad at Scai the Bathhouse and Geidai, Tokyo. She was a founding member of School of the Damned has recently graduated from the Royal Academy Schools.


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(Image courtesy and copyright of the artist and Andy Keate)

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