#3 Lincoln Creates Network with Museum of Homelessness

Lincoln Creates Network

The Lincoln Creates Network (LCN) brings together and celebrates the breadth of critical and applied creative practices in Lincolnshire. The Lincoln Creates Network + Artist Talk series, is designed to support local creative professional development, peer learning and networking as well as critical conversation and debate. The programme creates space for local artists and creative practitioners to share opportunities, creative expertise and developments within their own work, as well as hear from nationally and internationally established artists who have been welcomed to the city.

Museum of Homelessness

Museum of Homelessness (MoH) is an independent charity that is responsive to the day to day realities of homelessness. The museum has been created by people with direct experience of homelessness to collect and share the art, history and culture of homelessness and housing in order to make a difference to society today.

About Matt and Jess:

Matt and Jess are the co-founders of the UK’s first Museum of Homelessness, which is driven by people who are or have been homeless. MoH was setup five years ago and collects and shares the art, history and culture of homelessness to create social change today. It does this through actively campaigning for change and through it’s programmes. 

As well as developing the Museum of Homelessness, Jess has just finished a part-time role on the Policy and Programmes team at the Museums Association and was formerly Chair of Trustees for the Simon Community. Matt has previously worked in programming roles for organisations such as the Design Museum, Crafts Council and the Royal Academy of Arts. They are also visiting tutors at the University of Essex and Kings College, London.


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