Communal Lunch: How to arrange ourselves with Alice Gale-Feeny

Photo by Matt Snellin

Alice Gale-Feeny is an artist who works with performance, video, writing, drawing and facilitation. Interested in dialogical ways of working and the role of the voice, she examines subjectivity and embodied knowledge, questioning how this informs shared space. 

For her Communal Lunch, Alice will share a new piece of writing that guides participants through an instructional score. A meditation on how bodies arrange themselves and how this may determine our experience, the writing draws from her research and recent projects. The instructions lead participants towards a series of actions, starting from stillness, to movement*, ending in speech and reflection. Lunch will be provided by Cafe Shanti. 

*The movements are optional and are designed to be tailored to the group according to physical ability. They do not involve any prolonged physical endurance.

Alice was recently invited to facilitate and co-curate the residency ‘Collectivism’ at Haarlem Artspace, Derbyshire alongside Haarlem Director and artist Olivia Punnet. She facilitated a series of workshops, including a fishbowl conversation, to prompt dialogue and writing around the sharing of space, ways of meeting, organising and mediating.  

She previously facilitated the events ‘In Circles, Around Tables’ during ‘Dissections’, Royal Academy of Art, London, 2018 and ‘2-Way Street’, Eastside Projects, Birmingham, 2017- both used a fishbowl conversation format. 

Since 2018 she has been developing a performance and series of diagrams under the title ‘Two Speakers, One Speaker (A Hall, A Room)’. Through processes of recording transcribing, improvising and scriptingthe work weaves together a number of architectures, meetings and narratives. A piecing together of fragmentary experiences where being in groups, results in the reimagining of space. 

Alice lives and works in London, and is an HPL Lecturer in BA Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University.

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