Communal Lunch: Prison Playwriting

Communal Lunch: Prison Playwriting
Thursday 18 April, 12noon – 2pm
Booking required

Join us for Communal Lunch: Prison Playwriting, hosted by Lyndsey Milne on Thursday 18 March, 12 noon – 2pm.

Communal Lunch: Prison Playwriting is an opportunity to share and discuss Lyndsey Milne’s ‘What If We Choose’ fourteen week pilot playwriting project based in HMP Lincoln with a group of four prisoners. Throughout the course of this project they have used drama and creative writing to consider their past behaviours and negative beliefs in order to explore accountability, acceptance and the future in a positive way.  They have also been asking questions about how to enable people being released to live hopeful lives. 

Lyndsey Milne has been in the arts industry for many years in varying capacities and is interested in working with isolated communities using drama and creative writing in the form of stories, plays and poetry.

If you would like to come along, please do bring a dish of your making or choosing to contribute to our lunch.

The Communal Lunch programme began in 2018 as part of inaugural artist Kathrin Böhm’s Culture is a Verb commission for Mansions of the Future. Each monthly lunch has a different theme and uses food as the perfect common denominator to connect everyone around the table. This year the theme of the lunches will focus on hospitality, wellbeing and mindfulness.

Please contact or 07494 344352 if you require any further details. 

One of the men in Lyndsey’s work has done extremely well and we will be showing his work in May and June. Below is an excerpt from FACING TIME.  

This is a story about a girl. 

This is a story about a really bad decision

This is a story about working hard for something and then loosing it. 

This is a story about a life I wanted

This is a story about me 

I was thinking… some people, you know, some people, outside, see me, a prisoner, and don’t think I’d write a story about love.

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