Communal Lunch: Ngou Lekka with SHEAfriq

Photo by Fiona Allen

SHEAfriq are a​ collective of Nottingham-based female artists and creatives of African heritage. Join collective members Aicha Daffe and Saziso Phiri for Ngou Lekka (meaning ‘let’s eat’ in the West African language Wolloff) – a special Communal Lunch in which they discuss the collective’s journey and how they were able to turn their marginal experiences into a platform that celebrates and supports black female creatives.

Representing community, the dish of the day will be a specially prepared vegan Benachin, a Senegelese rice dish cooked by Aicha and Saziso in the Mansions of the Future kitchen. The two will talk attendees through the ingredients used, each symbolic of the collective’s experience and formation. Food will be served in large communal bowls, representing collectivism and community. The lunch will then be washed down with a specially home-made Bissap, a Senegalese hibiscus-based beverage representative of turning bitter moments into sweet tasting victories.

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