Communal Lunch with Shabnam Shabazi

Photo by Fiona Allen

Shabnam Shabazi became aware of yoga, mindfulness, wellbeing and veganism through art & creativity.  After years of asking  ‘Where is home?’ having become displaced from her country of origin at the age of 9, she had an epiphany in 2009 that her body is her home and this came through making a piece of work called ‘Body House’ resulting in Shabnam exploring the spaces in and around her body in multiple ways…

“Becoming aware of my body as my home brought me to yoga and healthy living, really starting to consider what I am using, how I am living and what I am putting in my body…” (Shabnam).  After ‘Body House’, making another piece of work ’Snail Portrait’ working with live snails (vegans), making this work was further transformative, resulting in Shabnam  going vegan…

This communal lunch will host a special menu specifically prepared and created by the artist.  Exploring the transformative power of creating and creativity whether you are an artist or not, with a focus on Shabnam’s own practice.  ’Art as a guarantee of sanity’ (Louise Bourgeoise) is one of Shabnam’s mottos.  Investigating the healing and therapeutic dimensions of food & art focussing on our personal stories and experiences, everyone’s requested to bring in a recipe from their grandmother if they have access to one.

Healing through food.  Sharing recipes for self-healing inspired by Persian, Chinese & Ayurevedic traditions.

“Blending ancient practices with modern knowledge to build a happy place where balance and love lives” How can we heal ourselves with food and creativity? Why we need more green things on this planet? What we put in our bodies? Methods of cooking, what’s healthiest for body? Healing with spices and foods.  Salt & sugar free cooking.  The ethics and politics of food.

Shabnam Shabazi is a London based artist with has a solo and collaborative practice.  Blurring art forms and taking a non hierarchical person/artist centred approach are vital to her practice.  Her diverse output of work includes: performance, object, video, sound, text/writing, mixed media, and installation. Memories, dreams, rituals, journeys, the spaces ‘in between’ art forms and cultures animate her practice.  She works as a maker and enabler of creative works nationally and internationally.

The free, monthly Communal Lunches programme invites artists, local community groups, writers, academics and creative practitioners to bring people together, create new networks and inspire new thinking and debate, through the universal gesture of conversation over a shared meal.

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