Desire Lines: Cooperative Cooking Communal Lunch with Alicja Rogalska

Photo by Fiona Allen.

Desire Lines: Cooperative Cooking Communal Lunch
with Alicja Rogalska
Tuesday 27 August, 12 noon – 2pm
Booking required

Recognising food preparation as an ideal methodology for bringing people together and honing collaboration, Alicja Rogalska invites you to join her in preparing, cooking and enjoying a shared meal at Mansions of the Future. Over lunch the artist will be discussing diversity, dilemmas, compromise and resourcefulness.

Cooperative Cooking forms part of Alicja Rogalska’s Desire Lines project. Desire Lines, takes as its starting point the rich heritage of the co-operative movement in Lincoln, where co-ops still play a vital role in the local economy and community. Rogalska is working as a commissioned artist with Mansions of the Future throughout Summer and Autumn 2019.

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