Dr Nicola Streeten: Why comics? why feminism? why laughter?

Dr Nicola Streeten: Why comics? why feminism? why laughter?
Wednesday Sessions
Wednesday 12 June, 5pm – 6pm
Booking required

Dr Nicola Streeten (b.1963) will be speaking about how her practice and research inform each other. Nicola is an anthropologist-turned-illustrator and author of award winning graphic memoir, Billy, Me & You (2011 Myriad Editions). Her doctoral work on feminist cartoons and comics in Britain informed The Inking Woman (2018 Myriad Editions) a picture-led history of 250 years of women’s cartoons in Britain which she co-edited.

She co-founded the international forum Laydeez do Comics in 2009. Streeten is based in Lincolnshire.

Part of Wednesday Sessions, a 6-month programme of talks curated by Mansions of the Future. The Wednesday Sessions will highlight artistic practices which are based on collaborative and collective processes, where art is actively and critically engaged with its immediate context. This series focuses on models of working which suggest new connections and ecologies between artists and non-artists, humans and nature, the individual and the collective, and modes of operation often stemming from feminist practices.

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