Food Bank Donations Drop-off

Photo bt Pete Martin.

Whilst we have been working hard to allow ensure social distancing is maintained during food bank collections at Mansions of the Future – in light of the developing circumstances and encouraging our community to only leave home if they need to, we have decided to cancel our in person collection on Thursday 9th April and instead encourage those who were intending to contribute to consider donating online.

In these uncertain times our thoughts are with the most vulnerable in our community. We would like to encourage the Mansions of the Future community to come together and consider donating to the Lincoln Community Larder or Lincoln Foodbank who are both helping people in crisis at this difficult time. Perhaps it’s the money you would have spent on coffees if you were in the office this week, or a few pounds saved from not travelling into work. Every little really does make a difference.

#StayAtHome #MotFCommunity #LincolnFoodbank

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