‘From Then ‘til Now’ Curated Skills Workshop Series

Image courtesy & copyright Haich Ber Na & Jesse Crankson

These event will take place using Zoom, a free online video chat service. For security reasons, booking via Eventbrite is essential and a hyperlink will be sent out via Eventbrite email to all attendees 1hr before the event start time, hence bookings will end at 4.30pm. Click the hyperlink at 5:30pm to access the live talk.

As a part of the wider ‘From There ’til Now’ commission, we will be streaming a series of online workshops curated by Haich Ber Na and Joseph Bernard. This will be a 5-day series, hosted every evening of the week beginning 13th July.

Industry professionals will be invited to speak and share knowledge exploring film production, 3D set design, styling and photography. These workshops are free to attend and open to the public.

Day 1 – Capturing the moment using film photography with Florina Krampen

From a young age self taught Swiss photographer Florina Krampen, has had a passion for creativity, quitting university and spending time living in both Berlin and London. There Florina worked mainly in the music industry excelling in various positions including COLORS, Paul Institute, Boiler Room and September Management. At 25 years old, Florina has now been enjoying freelancing for over three years, as both a Musical Director and Photographer.


Day 2 – Image making & Using what you’ve got with Jesse Crankson

Jesse Crankson is 23 and lives in Surrey, UK. He’s worked with the likes Paul Weller, Celeste, Wonderland Magazine and the 1975’s just to name a few. Specialising in the field of fashion and music, freelancing as a photographer, DOP and all round artist yet never limiting himself to any specific area of expertise.

Day 3 – Specialism, Creativity & Sausage Factories with Richard Wilkins

Richard Wilkins is a designer, producer, consultant and educator based in London. He currently works with HQI, an artist run not-profit which works with owners of vacant buildings to provide long term arts facilities to visual and recording artists based in London, and is a Lecturer in the School of Design at London College of Fashion.

Day 4 – Working with AR & Instagram Filters with Kelly Washington

Kelly Washington was born in Texas and raised in England, she is a New York based designer and digital artist. Her main projects have included experience design for MAC Cosmetics from 2018-2020 and AR Filters for B4 music, Telfar, and more. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Presentation & Exhibition Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

Day 5 – The analytical mind and instinctive mind. Styling and sustainability with Anil Banidol & Savanah Avery

Anil Banidol is a Sustainable Fashion Design student who has worked for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Marine Serre. Savanah Avery is the creative director of “Motherwomb” and a sustainable fashion consultant.

All workshops will take place using Zoom, a free online video chat service. For security reasons, booking via Eventbrite is essential and a hyperlink will be sent out via an Eventbrite email to all attendees 1hr before the event start time, booking for each event will end an hour before the start time.

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