George EkstsSerious String

'HowDo' courtesy and copyright of the artist
'HowDo' courtesy and copyright of the artist

To coincide with Frequency Festival 2019, Mansions of the Future will be presenting new work by artist George Eksts. For his commission, titled Serious String, Eksts will work with objects & images from public spaces in Lincoln, creating digital connections with the interior architecture of Mansions of the Future. Eksts will use digital prototyping techniques to freely explore the possibilities and potential within the restrictions physical space, considering the public & private and the notion of temporality. 

Based in London, Eksts’ interdisciplinary practice makes use of CGI animation, drawing & photography to explore ideas of progress, repetition & reproduction. Working with digital & analogue processes – often moving back & forth between the two, Eksts’ work usually connects objects in physical space with online projects. Recent projects include Slow Install, a virtual gallery exhibiting 3D copies of existing artworks alongside propositional ideas for future works. 

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