I’mMIGRANT: ልእል Performance by Lula Mebrahtu (lula.xyz) | Postponed

Image courtesy & copyright Lula Mebrahtu.

In light of recent developments regarding COVID-19 we regret that we have taken the decision to postpone this event. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused, please see our website & social media for updates, these will also be shared via our mailing list.

“I am the source
Earth personified
Parasites reside like free radicals in my solar system…”

Tales of ancestral voyages (based on real life events) told through spoken word, music, cutting edge technology and video projections. An AfroFuturistic gig like no other. Prepare to go on a journey, passing through Antarctica to an unknown destination…

Lula Mebrahtu (artist name lula.xyz) is amidst a handful of musicians leading the way for the evolution of music using an interactive midi controller, MiMu gloves, which translate simple movements into complex musical compositions. Lula brings together art, science, education and music for the purpose of storytelling – with a deep understanding of social issues pertaining to migration, her evocative work is a visceral experience that defies traditional conventions.

This event is delivered by independent curator and researcher Linda Rocco as part of a wider programme marking 200 years since Antarctica was first sighted. Celsius forms part of Mansions of the Future’s Lincoln Live season and Antarctica In Sight – a UK wide cultural programme of activity supported by the UK Antarctica Heritage Trust. This series of talks, workshops and performance will explore the groundbreaking intersections of arts and STEM subjects with a focus on climate change and the uniquely precarious position of Antarctica in today’s sociopolitical climate. The week long programme will feature contributions from artists Rhine BernadinoLula MebrahtuAidan Moesby and Josefina Nelimarkka.

This project is part of Mansions of the Future’s Lincoln Live programme March – November 2020 (Season extended in response to COVID-19). Departing from Lincoln’s rich entertainment and theatre history, Lincoln Live features new commissions which exist at the intersections of disciplinary boundaries. The season is a celebration of performative ventures that stand resolutely marginal to both the history of English theatre and the often exclusive, disciplinary rhetoric of contemporary performance art.

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