Jala Wahid: Born From & Buried in Baba Gurgur

Jala Wahid: Born From & Buried in Baba Gurgur
Wednesday Sessions
Wednesday 10 July, 5pm – 6pm
Booking required

Jala Wahid’s work is predominantly material based, taking the form of sculpture, video and writing.

Her work often deals with the Kurdish body, as both under threat and resilient. She is interested in the autonomy form and material may hold, how objects can be both singular and maximal, embodying various properties simultaneously (toxicity, antagonism, vulnerability, defiance, humour, joy, etc.) and the drama they can evoke through the spaces they inhabit. She also uses mythology, narrative and loading materials with metaphorical value as a way of reclaiming Kurdish history in the face of cultural assimilation.

Previous exhibitions include; ‘Still I Rise: Feminisms, Gender, Resistance’, Nottingham Contemporary, 2018; ‘Entangled Tales’ Rupert, Vilnius, 2018; ‘Dead Eden’ Lyles & King, New York; ‘The Way Things Run, Part II: Cargo’, PS120, Berlin; ‘Akh Milk Bile Threat’, Seventeen, 2017; ‘Shahmaran’, Clearview, 2017; and ‘And I’ll Promise You’ a performance for the Serpentine Park Nights series, 2016. Wahid is also co-founder of SALT. magazine.

Part of Wednesday Sessions, a 6-month programme of talks curated by Mansions of the Future. The Wednesday Sessions will highlight artistic practices which are based on collaborative and collective processes, where art is actively and critically engaged with its immediate context. This series focuses on models of working which suggest new connections and ecologies between artists and non-artists, humans and nature, the individual and the collective, and modes of operation often stemming from feminist practices.

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