Lego Stop Motion Animation Movies

Join local artist’s Andrew and Ben to create a stop motion animation movie! Bring your favourite Lego and explore simple, but effective techniques that anyone can use to make Lego figures come to life. We encourage imagination no matter how farfetched the idea is. At the end of the workshop, see a screening of all the animation scenes that have been created.

Andrew’s practice hovers on the fringes of painting as it crosses over and expands into installation, sculpture, drawing and animation. His work questions the role of the original, the reproduction and exhibition display. He is Programme Leader of MA Fine Art at The University of Lincoln, England.

Ben is a ten year old artist who mainly works in animation, drawing and building amazing Lego models. He uses a wide range of animation techniques including hand drawn, plasticine, Lego and household objects, he also uses green screen.

Our Family Workshops taking place every Saturday throughout the summer holidays invite families and the wider public to play, learn and be creative. All workshops are free and will explore a range of practices delivered by local artists from across Lincolnshire.

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