Communal Lunch: Cooperatives

Communal Lunches, image by Rugile Eigerdaite

Communal Lunches are part of Inaugural Artist Kathrin Böhm’s Culture is a Verb common for Mansions of the Future. Each monthly lunch has a different theme and uses food— its production, consumption and policies – as the perfect common denominator to connect everyone around the table.

The lunches are an opportunity to meet others who are involved with food production and community, social, economic and cultural needs, share a nice lunch together and have an informal conversation about how we can grow, organise and enjoy food together.

David Johnson will be hosting the lunch and the theme is ‘Cooperatives’. David is a Cooperative Development Lincolnshire coordinator, supporting the development of cooperatives and Social Enterprises throughout Lincolnshire. David discovered the third sector by volunteering widely throughout Lincoln until appointed Engagement and Involvement officer for Alzheimer’s Society Lincolnshire.

Each lunch will be prepared with locally sourced food.

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