ON/OFFSocial Architecture Commission

Rhombi House, courtesy & copyright Matthias Kestel.
Rhombi House, courtesy & copyright Matthias Kestel.

Working with University of Lincoln’s School of Architecture and the Built Environment Urban Form: Social Architecture and the Commons will consider the legacy of social housing developments defined by social democratic ideals. Such as the Ermine Estate in Lincoln – an ambitious, interwar council housing effort which today makes up ten percent of the city’s built up area.

On the estate, following a period of research and development ON/OFF Collective; an interdisciplinary design studio based in Berlin, will be exploring the potentials and possibilities of public spaces through the development of collaboratively built architecture made for and with Ermine Community Action Group and citizens of the Ermine.

Established in 2012, ON/OFF are a collective of designers and architects working primarily with the city, exploring the potentials of public space as a site for questioning and re-imagining how we relate to one another and to our cities. ON/OFF’s practice explores the in-betweens and overlaps of the urban experience to engage citizens in an immediate relationship with their environment. Experimenting with disparate technologies and tools, they aim to challenge conventional ideas of inhabiting and sharing space.

Presented by Mansions of the Future as part of their Urban Form: Social Architecture & The Commons season. This programme of activity marks the start of the Mansions of the Future’s legacy year (2019 – 2020), which intends to engage artists, architects, academics and local citizens in conversation and debate around the past, present and future of Lincoln’s social and civic life, within the context of the local built environment.

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