Ruth BealePossible Futures

Copyright & courtesy Ruth Beale

In Lincoln, Ruth Beale has been inspired by the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest and their distinction of ‘free men’ and ‘the unfree’, to explore the legal and social structures around the concept of freedom. She is interested in how a person’s sense and experience of freedom might be affected by their class, wealth, race or gender, by access to employment, education, health services and housing, by their right to vote, or their right to live and work in the UK.

In November 2019 after a period of research and development Ruth Beale is delivering a series of creative workshops at HM Prison (HMP) Lincoln alongside Sonia Rossington. Inspired by futuristic and speculative genres and developed through discussions surrounding civic engagement and responsibility, the group have worked together to produce a co-written radio play around Possible Futures. The radio play – titled Project Zed – will be professionally recorded and aired across England and Wales via National Prison Radio in the coming months. The project will also support the development of a subsequent mural, which responds to the imagined speculative futures developed in the workshops – a copy of which will be permanently installed both within the library at HMP Lincoln as well as Mansions of the Future. You can read more about Project Zed here.

This commission is delivered in partnership with HMP Lincoln. The prison’s rehabilitative culture aims to promote a healthier, more productive and engaging prison environment, and help individuals build confidence and develop employability skills. 

This project builds on to a body of work Ruth Beale has produced with and for the citizens of Lincoln since 2018. Further information can be found here.

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