Sunshine WongCritical Writing Project

Courtesy & copyright Sunshine Wong
Courtesy & copyright Sunshine Wong

Drawing on her own research interests, Sunshine Wong is supporting the development of critical commentary and conversation around Mansions of the Future. Working with the MotF team and University students, her work will provoke conversation and debate around Mansions of the Future’s civic role and support the project’s legacy agenda.

Yet Chor Sunshine Wong is an art writer, researcher, and facilitator. Her work concerns the mediation and social production of contemporary art. She recently completed her doctoral thesis on the relational material of art practices, in which the certainty of social “engagement” is questioned by a more ambivalent social “negotiation”. She curates, produces, and writes about art projects that take place outside of conventional art contexts. Current initiatives include “TL;DR”, a “slow” reading group (i.e. collective, embodied reading) on art and the social realm; and “Doctoral Zines”, a workgroup for PhD researchers hoping to engage with complex ideas through a freer, more associative zine format.

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