Worm: art + ecology: The Colonial History of Climate Change

Worm: art + ecology (wormworm.org) is an online platform that gathers a network of creative perspectives on ecological issues through interviews and projects with a range of practitioners. It is run by Angela Chan, who has curated group exhibitions as Worm, and also delivers talks and workshops on the intersections of art and ecology, with a focus on climate justice.

In this session, Angela will be mapping the colonial history of global climate change and how it continues to disperse uneven consequences across our human and natural geographies. It is open to anyone with an interest in the subject with no prior knowledge necessary.

Angela Chan is a creative climate change communicator and independently runs Worm (wormworm.org), an online art and climate change curatorial platform. Her research interests span climate and social justice, decolonial and area studies and contemporary Chinese science fiction; she also writes cli-fi as algae-la. Angela has also worked across London organisations and institutions, including Julie’s Bicycle and the V&A, on climate arts and sustainability.

Part of Wednesday Sessions, a 6-month programme of talks curated by Mansions of the Future. The Wednesday Sessions will highlight artistic practices which are based on collaborative and collective processes, where art is actively and critically engaged with its immediate context. This series focuses on models of working which suggest new connections and ecologies between artists and non-artists, humans and nature, the individual and the collective, and modes of operation often stemming from feminist practices.

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