Writing workshop: Dystopian Worldbuilding

Writing workshop: Dystopian Worldbuilding with Ruth Beale

A one-off writing workshop with dystopian horror author Angeline Trevena. What happens when our freedoms are curtailed? What would your dystopian land of the ‘unfree’ look like? Suitable for both new & seasoned writers.

Angeline Trevena is a British science fiction, fantasy, and horror author. Creator of The Paper Duchess series, she is best known for her feminist brand of dystopia.

This event is part of Freedom: Public Conversations a programme of events and discussions organised by Ruth Beale, exploring ideas around freedom. This programme will be presented alongside All the Banners (Silent). Ruth’s hand-made blank banners are interpretations of real banners used in protests & rallies from protests & rallies including Justice for Grenfell, Suffragette marches & the pit closures.

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