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Lincoln Pantry Communal Lunches
Culture is a Verb

Communal Lunches are part of Inaugural Artist Kathrin Böhm's Culture is a Verb common for Mansions of the Future. Each monthly lunch has a different theme and uses food— its production, consumption and policies – as the perfect common denominator to connect everyone around the table.

The monthly lunches are an opportunity to meet others who are involved with growing and food production, share a nice lunch together and have an informal conversation about how we can grow, organise and enjoy food together.

Each lunch will be prepared with locally sourced food.

1. Growing
12 noon - 2pm
Thursday 28 June 2018

For the first communal lunch at Mansions of the Future on Thursday 28 June from 12-2pm we are inviting Lincoln residents who are actively involved in growing and thinking food on a number of levels, from running community allotments, to therapeutic growing, no-food-waste initiatives and rethinking food systems.

Nigel Curry will lead the lunch by presenting A food strategy for the City of Lincoln. Nigel Curry is a member of the Health Advancement Research Team (HART) and Visiting Professor in the Lincoln International Business School.  

2. "3 courses, 3 pound"
12 noon - 2pm
Thursday 16 August
booking required, suitable for ages 18+

For the second communal lunch Mint Lane Cafe will lead an open discussion around social eating and how to create healthy and affordable meals, while demonstrating how to make one simple dish.

Mint Lane Cafe is a social eating space providing a warm welcome to the well-being centre of Lincoln. It uses retail surplus food to create healthy and affordable meals alongside purposeful and creative activities. They work to reduce food waste and take action on food poverty by providing wholesome meals for people who cannot afford to eat well. There are many volunteering opportunities at the cafe. You can get involved to make a difference through various roles with provided training.

3. School Dinners
Culture is a Verb
Thursday 20 September, 12pm – 2pm
booking required, suitable for ages 18+

This lunch will be led by Jason O’Rourke, headteacher food education speaker at the Washingborough Academy. Washingborough Academy has gained national recognition for the curriculum it has developed which has put healthy living and food education at the forefront of children’s learning. They are the only in-house school caterer to have achieved the Soil Associations Gold Catering Mark, as well as being a Gold Food for Life School. The Academy have appeared on national TV for there work in addressing childhood obesity. They are a case study school for the government’s Childhood Obesity Plan and are the lead school in introducing the internationally acclaimed SAPERE method of Taste Education into the UK –