Situated centrally, as an accessible cultural nerve centre, Mansions of the Future advocates for the important role of arts and cultural activity within civic life. Outside of our programme of artist commissions Mansions of the Future simultaneously acts as a free and safe space for independent creative and cultural activity led by groups, communities, organisations, artists and individuals who are encouraged to ‘takeover’ the building, themselves becoming producers of culture in Lincoln. 

Both the Mansions of the Future commissions programme and independent building takeovers support local citizens, giving agency within and  access to world class arts and cultural activity. Colliding social practice, Lincoln’s unique history and the everyday the Mansions of the Future programme is committed to supporting local participation, empowerment, creative professional development and capacity building.

In celebration of Lincoln’s culturally diverse demographics, our participation agenda led by Creative Producer (Participation) Rachel Long fosters relationships across a range of intergenerational, community groups, including schools and partners throughout the eleven neighbourhood wards of Lincoln, supporting the development and co-delivery of commissions, workshops, talks and community led activity.


The opportunity to takeover the building offers communities the use of a fully equipped, free and safe space for social activity. The building is used by local groups, organisations looking to co-design, co-create, experiment and build stronger creative economies through sharing ideas, opportunities and skills across a spectrum of creative platforms.

Groups currently taking over the space for one-off events and sustained activity include but are not limited to:

Cornhill Quarter Businesses Group, Headway Lincolnshire, Lincoln Big, Lincoln’s Lithuanian Community, Lincoln Neighbourhood Boards, Rise and Shine Theatre Company, Root & Sprout Super Club, General Practice (GP), Bailgate Embroiderers Guild, Morton Hall Detainee Visitor Group, Women in the Arts (WITA), TEDxBrayfordPool, Visit Lincoln, Voluntary Centre Service and YMCA Lincolnshire.

Want to make use of the space?

Please contact or 07494 344352 to discuss free hire takeover opportunities.