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Picking & Digging
Lincoln Community Harvest

Wednesday 1 August, 11am – 2pm

St Peter at Gowts Church

Join us in St Peter at Gowts Church garden to pick sprigs of rosemary to make rosemary cordial – it’s really easy to do! We’ll be on the hunt for lovely ripe blackberries too. You will also have the fabulous opportunity to help with the community archaeological big dig taking place in the churchyard, #WigfordBigDig is run by Banks Newton -

Please make sure you wear strong footwear and trousers you don’t mind getting dirty - we’ll see you there! 

Your findings will be displayed at Mansions of the Future on Saturday 20 October for our Lincoln Community Harvest. Your Lincoln rosemary cordial will be served during the event alongside jam made using the blackberries you will have picked. Get this date in your diary, we will be sharing more details soon!