Processing & Recording
Lincoln Community Harvest

Thursday 9 August, 10.30am start
St Peter at Gowts Church Hall

Join us in St Peter at Gowts Church Hall to take a look at the some of the finds discovered by Banks Newton, volunteers and eager members of the public during the #WigfordBigDig. We will be helping to process and photograph these newly unearthed objects from 10.30am. For more details about the dig visit

These soon to be cleaned and processed finds will be displayed at Mansions of the Future on Saturday 20 October for our Lincoln Community Harvest, we will be joined by local experts and archaeologists through the day. During the event we will be serving our rosemary cordial and blackberry jam made during last week’s Picking and Digging event using herbs and berries harvested from the St. Peter at Gowts church garden.