Mansions of the Future’s Volunteer Programme provides a platform for people of all beliefs, cultures and backgrounds to hone their skills and play an important part in the daily operation of our ambitious and interdisciplinary 2019 – 2020 arts & cultural programme.

With creative professional development at its core, our volunteer programme will be tailored to individual needs and all volunteers will have exclusive access to a free bi-monthly masterclass programme, led by industry professionals. This includes a programme of talks, workshops, lunches and cultural day trips, exploring a breadth of topics relevant to Lincoln’s cultural infrastructure and the wider context in our local communities.

There is no set pathway to becoming a volunteer – everyone’s journey is different. You might be looking to meet new people, develop your skills and CV, or are simply interested in participating in something new.

For further information or to register your interest, please get in contact via email at info@mansionsofthefuture.org or call us on 07494 344352.

Photo of two volunteers sitting, talking
Olu & Zeena, photo by Fiona Allen

Our Principles


Providing a range of opportunities and roles that can accommodate differing interests, needs, ambitions

Diversity and Inclusion:

Welcoming a diversity of backgrounds and experience. A supportive process which tends to social, cultural, economic and disability affected participation needs.


An organisational recognition and celebration of the invaluable contribution of volunteers, with a generous programme of social events and Volunteer exclusive Masterclasses.


Structure, a dedicated point of contact and a programme of generous professional development aims to ensure a enriching and fulfilling experience for all.


Partnership with stakeholders in order to share knowledge, understanding and resources.


Appropriate support of volunteers is highlighted and adequate resources identified.

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